Monday, August 3, 2015

What Makes An Artist A Good Prospect For The Big Leagues?

Most people enter the music industry with the hopes of getting signed by the big labels, and making millions of the life of a rock star. Soon, reality hits when they try to get signed by these labels and realize the intense competiton that is out there. That being a musician requires qualities beyond singing, playing instruments and composing music.

There are certain qualities that make record labels look at you, and think that you might have what it takes to become the next big be the next major popular musical artist. What are these qualities, you ask. Well here they are:

1) You have been successful on your own. This is evidence that what you do works. That your music already resonates with a specific audience, and that those people like you. In order to do this, look for places in your city and state that encourage original artists to perform there, and then convince them to give you a chance to play your music there. Be persistent, as there may be many ‘no’s’ down this road, but keep at it. Once you get a chance to play at some of those venues, and you start filling those clubs, you will start to build up a nice sized following.

2) Show proof that people like your music. How can you do this? Well, for starters, if you have already sold thousands of CDs of downloads, that is something you should start incorporating in your conversations to get booked for gigs and also for speaking with record labels. This is a lot more powerful than asking people to listen to your music and give you a chance. This way, you will be telling them that you are already someone who makes good music and is appreciated by the people.

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